Jewish Confederation of Ukraine

Boris Lozhkin was elected President of the Jewish Confederation of Ukraine (JCU) in 2018. The JCU is an association of Ukrainian Jewish organizations founded in 1999.

The Confederation unites independent Jewish social, charitable and religious Jewish organizations in Ukraine.

The Jewish Confederation of Ukraine’s mission is to unite the Jews of Ukraine, help Jewish communities in the country and to support the State of Israel. The JCU also aims to preserve Jewish history, culture and the memory of the Holocaust, while strengthening people’s understanding of the involvement that the Jewish community has had in the development of Ukraine. The JCU stands for both the fight against anti-Semitism and encouraging international support for Ukraine’s independence.

Under Boris Lozhkin’s leadership, the JCU has accelerated its work and outreach in Ukraine, home to the fourth largest Jewish community in Europe.

Boris Lozhkin represents Ukrainian Jewry on the world stage in his role as Vice- President of the World Jewish Congress, a position he has held since 2018.

One of the JCU’s most ambitious projects is The Righteous People of My City – a flagship initiative to honor people who risked their lives to save Jews during the Second World War in Ukraine.

The Righteous initiative includes the renaming of streets in Ukraine after these people, something Boris Lozhkin has recently written about, as a way to create a lasting memory of the risks people took to save Jews from persecution.

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You can keep up to date with the JCU’s latest work on Twitter via @JewishUkraine.

Boris Lozhkin Foundation

The Boris Lozhkin Charitable Foundation was established in 2014. The Foundation’s main aim is to improve pediatric health care facilities in Ukraine.

Since 2014, the Foundation has collected and spent more than UAH 35 million (approx. EUR €12.5 million) on medical equipment for children’s care.

The Boris Lozhkin Foundation raises money for the Tabletochki Charity, which provides aid to children with cancer. In 2018, Boris Lozhkin was appointed to the Board of Trustees of the Tabletochki Charity.

In 2017, Boris Lozhkin became the founder of two annual scholarship programs for the Ukrainian Catholic University (UCU). UCU invites philanthropists on a permanent basis to support talented young people who, due to various circumstances, are unable to pay for their education themselves.

The annual “Art for Life” charity auction is the Boris Lozhkin’s Foundation’s biggest project and has become one of the most important events in the world of contemporary Ukrainian art.

The money raised via Art for Life funds most of the Foundation’s work and supports young artist by giving them exposure to some of the most influential figures in the Ukrainian art world.

In 2016 the Boris Lozhkin Foundation and Supplies Over Seas (SOS) donated USD 152,000 worth of medical equipment to four Kharkiv medical facilities.

In 2019, using funds raised from the fifth annual Art for Life Auction, the Foundation donated hi-tech medical equipment to the Center for Pediatric Hepatology in Ukraine.

Book: The Fourth Republic

Drawing on his experience as Head of the Presidential Administration of Ukraine between 2014 – 2016, Boris Lozhkin published The Fourth Republic: Why Europe Needs Ukraine and Why Ukraine Needs Europe.

The book aims to answer the question from its own subheading ‘why does Europe need Ukraine, and why does Ukraine need Europe?’

Speaking of the idea behind the book, Boris Lozhkin said:

“The book deals with the idea that Ukraine not only should but must be a participant in European affairs. Our country cannot become a failed state. It is not the source of Europe’s problems, on the contrary, it contains the solutions to many of them. I want to prove that Ukraine has a future, to show my personal vision of that future, and to explain what exactly is being done (and remains to be done) to make this future a reality.”

The Fourth Republic, a political non-fiction bestseller in Ukraine was published in Ukrainian, Russian, English and German.